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The Retirement Planning Process 

Retirement Income Planning 

  • Develop a comprehensive retirement income plan to determine how long your money will last. 
  • Provide strategies to potentially make cash flow last longer. 

 Investment Planning

  • Develop a suitable asset allocation for retirement to reduce stock market risk and provide income. 

Personal Risk Management 

  • Evaluate all life insurance, disability income, and long term care policies for suitability. 
  • Recommend changes to save money or improve coverage. 

Estate Planning Strategies

  • Evaluate beneficiary designations as well as all estate documents including wills, powers of attorney, health care directives, and trusts for suitability. 

Social Security Optimization

  • Evaluate all filing strategies and determine the most suitable to optimize benefits. 
  • Maximize benefits for surviving spouse. 

 Medicare Benefits 

  • Review health insurance options to keep costs down. 
  • Coordinate with Social Security and employer plan. 

 Pension Plans 

  • Evaluate distribution alternatives from company plan. 
  • Recommend optimal pension pay out. 

Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Evaluate the benefits of consolidating company retirement plans utilizing rollover IRAs. 
  • Coordinate required minimum distributions. 
  • Determine if having a Roth IRA would be advantageous. 

 Non-Qualified Retirement Assets 

  • Review employer stock plans and vesting schedules. 
  • Review deferred compensation plan and recommend distribution options. 
  • Review annuities for suitability and recommend how to improve benefits. 
  • Conduct life insurance audit. Pinpoint ways to save money with lower cost policies. 
  • Review investment accounts; consolidate where appropriate. 

 Distribution Strategy 

  • Review account types: taxable, tax advantaged (tax-deferred/tax-free). 
  • Develop a suitable distribution strategy to minimize taxes. 

 Tax Reduction Strategies

  •  Review non-qualified accounts for tax losses; propose a plan to reduce taxes. 

 The Value Our Services Provide 

Objectivity is the key to our process. We offer a multitude of investment and insurance products from some of the largest insurance and investment management companies in the country. 

Would you like a second opinion on what you are paying for your financial products? Maybe we can lower your expenses or increase your benefits. If so, please call us today at 773-380-8533.